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How to connect and upload content

To connect to your student organization's website and upload content, you must map a drive. To do this, you must either be on campus, or connected to the campus network via our VPN client. To map a drive, please refer to our FAQ. The path to map a drive to is:

\\uisstudents\[org name]$

[org name] is the same as what can be found on the end of your website. For example, in order to upload content, http://students.uis.edu/organizations/culinaryarts website editors would map a drive to:


When you would like to upload content to your website, just copy it from your computer into the drive that you have mapped.

If you have any technical problems please feel free to contact the campus Technology Support Center via one of the methods below:

[217] 206-TECH, 206-6000
Toll-free in Illinois: [877] 847-0443