Note: These essays of Murray N. Rothbard (1926-1995), unless otherwise noted, are compiled in The Irrepressible Rothbard, an anthology of commentary recently published and edited by Lew Rockwell, Jr. This webpage contains a few of Rothbard's pertinent essays from previous years (Mr. Rothbard passed away in January 1995). This web page is directly excerpted from the internet publication, and contains external links to selected Rothbard archived commentary on war, peace, and other topics.

Murray Rothbard (1926-1995) on war, peace, and liberty.. with links to Lew Rockwell's 'The Irrepresible Rothbard' and Justin Raimondo's 'Enemy of the State'  

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PREFACE to 'The Irrepressible Rothbard' - by Mrs. JoAnn B. RothbardPreface
----- by JoAnn Rothbard (wife)
INTRODUCTION to 'The Irrepressible Rothbard' - by Lew RockwellIntroduction

----- by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

The Irrepressible Rothbard

Essays of Murray N. Rothbard
Edited by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.


(Rothbard's pieces from the 1990s)

Mr. Bush's War (151)
The Post-Cold War World (164)
Mr. Bush's Shooting War (168)
Notes on the Nintendo War (175)
Lessons of the The Gulf War (181)
Why the War? The Kuwait Connection (184)
Why the Intervention in Arabia? (Making Economic Sense, Ch. 93)
U.S., Keep Out of Bosnia! (187)
America, Keep Out of Bosnia! , Los Angeles Times, August 1, 1992 - NEW!
The December Surprise (191)
"Doing God's Work" in Somalia (198)
Hands Off the Serbs! (206)
Where Intervene Next? (212)
Korean War Redux? (216)
Invade the World (218)
The Glorious Post-War World (Making Enconomic Sense, Ch. 104)
Invade the World (218)

From the Vault: Treasures from Murray N. Rothbard
PLUS - From the vault:
1973 interview - Rothbard on War

1986 article - Who Are the 'Terrorists' ? Murray Rothbard's article from 'The Libertarian Forum' on the Soviet Union's 1980 invasion of Afghanistan
Rothbard writes a somewhat-prescient piece on the terrorism of the 1980s (Libertarian Party News, March/April 1986)

1980 article - And Now Afghanistan Murray Rothbard's article from 'The Libertarian Forum' on the Soviet Union's 1980 invasion of Afghanistan
Rothbard writes on the Soviet-Afghan situation in 1980 (The Libertarian Forum)

1966 article - War Revisionism for Our Time Murray Rothbard's article on war and historical revisionism, from Ramparts in 1966
Rothbard presents his perspective on war and revisionist history (Rampart Journal of Individualist Thought, Spring 1966)

1954 article - The Real Agressor A classic article from Murray Rothbard from 'Faith and Freedom', published during the Cold War
More classic Rothbard, this one is on the state and war (Faith and Freedom, April 1954)


The Nationalities Question (225)
Yugoslavian Breakup (235)
Welcome, Slovenia! (238)
The Cyprus Question (241)
Ex-Czechoslovakia (242)
The New York Times, Communism, and South Africa (244)
Ethnic Fury in the Caucasus: Sorting It Out (246)
But What About the Hungarians? (248)
Hutus vs. Tutsis (250)

A Strategy for the Right (3) - Newly edited and re-formatted!
A New Strategy for Liberty (32)
Pat Buchanan & the Menance of Anti-Anti-Semitism (42) - NEW!
King Kristol (66) - NEW!
Stop NAFTA! (142)
Why the Pro-NAFTA Hysteria? (146)
"Free Trade" in Perspective
(Making Economic Sense, Ch. 86)
The NAFTA Myth (Making Economic Sense, Ch. 87)
Is There Life After NAFTA? (Making Economic Sense, Ch. 88)
Oil Prices Again (Making Economic Sense, Ch. 92)
Their Malcolm X, and Mine (377)
Who Killed J.F.K? [
A review of Oliver Stone's film] (306) - NEW!
Fluoridation Revisited (The New American, December 14, 1992) - NEW!
The Whiskey Rebellion: A Model for Our Time? (The Free Market, September 1994) - NEW!
Newt Gingrich is No Libertarian (Washington Post, 12/30/94)

Others on Rothbard

Murray N. Rothbard on States, War and Peace:
Part I - Part II - by Joseph Stromberg

Rothbard Unleashed!
"The Irrepressible Rothbard" published! Happy Happy Joy Joy! - by Justin Raimondo

The Roots of Rothbard
Mises Review editor David Gordon on Rothbard's foreign policy & "The Irrepressible Rothbard"

An Enemy of the State: The Life of Murray N. Rothbard (2000)
Justin Raimondo writes about his just-published biography of Rothbard

An Enemy of the State - Justin Raimondo's exciting biography of Murray Rothbard

Rothbard Vindicated!
Lew Rockwell praises Justin's just-released biography of Murray Rothbard: An Enemy of the State

Raimondo on Rothbard and Rothbard on Everything
Joseph Stromberg reviews both books (Justin's Rothbard bio & Lew's edited essay collection)

Rothbard vs. Rothbard: A Non-Existant Dilemma
Did this scholar reverse his thinking during his life? Nope, Murray was consistant!

Murray Newton Rothbard (1926-1995)  --------

Libertarian Party News: In Rememberance
Murray Rothbard (1926-1995) rembered by the National Libertarian Party

Murray N. Rothbard: Living a Life of Principle
Prof. Walter Block (Chair, Dept. of Econ and Finance, Univ. of Central AK)

Remembering Mrs. Rothbard
JoAnn B. "Joey" Rothbard (1928-99) ~ Eulogy delivered by Lew Rockwell

The Irrepresible Rothbard, edited by Lew Rockwell  

The Irrepressible RothbardLew Rockwell's edited collection the essays of Murray Rothbard, from the 'Rothbard-Rockwell Report'Essays of Murray Rothbard, from the 'Rothbard-Rockwell Report' - Edited by Lew Rockwell
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