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May 4, 2006

Election 2008: First Republican Announces Presidential Run

By Nathan Tabor and Jim Kouri

In the midst of all the brouhaha over illegal immigration, one Republican tossed his hat into the ring saying he seeks the GOP nomination for president in 2008.

John Cox is the first Republican to announce his candidacy after he was encouraged by the reaction he received in Iowa - especially after getting a standing ovation when he outlined how he will solve the illegal-alien debacle.

In April, Cox, a successful businessman from Chicago, appeared and spoke at three district GOP conventions in Iowa where, according to his campaign aides, delegates "leapt to their feet in a very vocal show of support" after opining on the border security issue.

"I was very pleased to see that my fiscally and socially conservative agenda is resonating with the grass-roots voters of Iowa to such a degree," said Cox in a campaign press release posted on his website. 


"Everywhere I go, I'm told that my 'outside the Beltway' candidacy offers a refreshing alternative to the career politicians."

Cox, a youthful looking 50-year old, states that he's pledged to speak at all of Iowa's 99 counties in advance of the June 17, 2006, Iowa Republican State Convention. He's said he's halfway there.

Cox's campaign website highlights the images of two other Illinois Republicans – Ronald Reagan, who was born in the state, and Abraham Lincoln, who lived in Illinois before becoming president.

While the politicians in Washington appear oblivious to the desires of the American people for control of US borders and illegal immigration, Cox appears to be taking the lead in dealing with the flow of illegal immigrants from the south. The candidate says he'd go after the employers and thus eliminate the attraction for aliens to enter or remain illegally in the US.

"It's an economic problem," Cox told World Net Daily, saying the Mexican government has inhibited economic growth due to the nationalizing of industry.

"So Mexicans are happy to come up to America to work for $300 a week when American employees would need to make $500 a week," the Republican explained. "Employers love this; they're making money." Said Cox: "What's the answer? You've got to enforce the law against employers."

Cox says if enough employers go to jail and companies subsequently stop hiring illegal aliens, the flood of Mexicans will stop flowing north and many unlawful immigrants will simply go home, according to WND.

The GOP hopeful wants to expand legal immigration at all economic levels to fill unskilled jobs as well as high-tech positions.

"I want these people to put down roots here, to learn English and become Americans," Cox said, adding, "I'm against a guest-worker program; it just creates a 'slave' class."


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2008 Presidential Candidate John Cox - Republican from Illinois

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